Monday, September 12, 2005

Here We Go Again!

Don (Man de la Maza) aka Sir Chubbalot on his somewhat new blog Once A Fat Guy and myself Sancho Pawnza henceforth known as Sir Semisolid reunite, and this time we are off to slay pounds instead of chess problems.

Stayed tuned as two pre-middle aged ex-athletes (?!) once again attempt to motivate each other in a quest to win the Battle over the Bulge.

I personally hope to regain some clothing kept in stasis in an area known as the DUTAADCIPOSBATWIA* zone. (Don’t use that as a dust cloth I plan on someday being able to wear it again)*

Cold weather is right around the corner and I really don’t want to spend money
on larger pants. Besides the extra expense might cut into my other hobby, buying chess books that I may someday read.

Thanks Don!


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