Monday, September 19, 2005

Week 1

Holy Immovable Objects Batman!

The battle cry I used for the first days of the diet.
Beginning to swear there was some sort of gravitational anomaly that occurred
in the area where the bathroom scales are located.
Matter of fact I was on hold with MIT's Physics Department when that sucker finally took a tilt in the right direction.

Dropped 4 pounds, which is less than I had hoped for but still a good start.
I didn't put all of this on overnight, so I imagine taking it off won't happen that fast either.

I'd like to welcome a fellow Knight to the Table. No pun intended.
Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Sir Howling Belly aka Temposchlucker.
We wish him well, and I have all ideas that he will succeed in his quest to make room for more

p.s. Add me to that list of folks who would gladly share a pint or twelve with a comrade in arms!
Matter of fact Don we should link up sometime, maybe try and gather up some of the other Knights to hold some sort of Anniversary.

SW: 205
CW: 201
TW: 175
WL: 4
Days in the program: 7


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

I was in the comfortable position that
I couldn't gain weight anymore because I reached the end of the scale. But 3 weeks ago I had the courage to use two scales and add the figures. . .

12:54 AM  

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