Saturday, November 19, 2005

Week 9 Guilt-Free TV: How to use your TV as a training partner

Dropped 0.5 pounds.
I'm really pleased with the past week’s results.
Now I know that I can still enjoy food and not have to live
in some self-created Spartan environment.

Avoiding junk-food and just riding 2-3 times
per week for about 45-60 mins.
Due to the fact that it's dark when I come home from work,
I just hop on the indoor trainer and pedal away in front of the idiot-box.
I wasn't a big fan of watching TV, it just didn't appeal to me. But since my invention of "Guilt-Free TV"TM I no longer feel like it's a complete was of time.
Fortunately I was able to find two shows to accompany me while riding.
Mondays-Monday Night Football [Kick-off through half-time]
Wednesdays-Lost [Kind of funny because I hadn't watched a single episode of the series. It just happened that my quest for fitness and season two of Lost started at the same time.
So I got to find out what was in that damn box. :) ]
Saturdays-Outdoors on my mountain bike weather permitting.
There you have it, my entire TV viewing for the week and my exercise schedule.
Not complicated and pretty easy to follow, my biggest challenge I guess
will be what to do during reruns and the play-offs.

SW: 210
CW: 194.5
TW: 175
WL: 15.5
WR: 19.5


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